The foundry: HISTORICAL roots and technological future

At the forefront of copper alloy casting

Valfond was founded in 1993 but has its roots in the experience gained since the 1930s as the in-house foundry of the Valvomec company.

Located in Valsesia, it has a covered area of 2,000 square metres where bronze casting equipment and machineries are installed.

A team of experts interfaces with Customers in order to find the most suitable solutions for even the most particular and critical requirements. Strict procedures in design, prototyping and inspection guarantee high quality castings and total reliability.
Our aim is to provide successful answers to questions from a wide variety of sectors. Customer care is indeed a priority: continuous discussion, research, planning and creation of a product that meets every expectation.

We promote the principle of Sustainable Development

Valfond is located in a mountain area, which has an ecosystem that is sensitive to the slightest variations and modifications, especially if introduced by man.

Aware of the critical issues that may arise from its type of production activities, Valfond is committed to protecting the Environment, starting above all from legislative compliance with mandatory standards, an essential requirement for proper business management.


Company lines of action for environmental protection

Regulatory compliance

Implement an EMS (Environmental Management System) compliant with UNI EN ISO 14001 : 2004, thereby also keeping all environmental aspects generated by the production cycle under control.

Use cutting-edge emission control devices

Monitoring atmospheric emissions, ensuring constant compliance with limits and striving to improve existing abatement systems, with the use of cutting-edge devices.

Disposal management

Ensure the correct destination for all waste it produces by properly handling it within the company, as the production and disposal of waste is considered as an important environmental topic.

Careful monitoring of consumption

Monitor its consumptions, with the aim of reducing it or keeping it at least constant, to try to cope with the energy emergency of recent years.


Our contribution to achieving the SDGS: the Sustainable Development Goals.
Every activity is carried out with respect for the environment in pursuit of more and more Sustainable Goals.

The foundry represents an extraordinary model of the transition to a more sustainable economic system, involving activities aimed at producing products and technologies that contribute directly or indirectly to the achievement of numerous sustainability goals.

Recycled materials

A large part of the raw material used comes from the recovery and recycling of scrap metal, as well as from processing residues, strictly in-house, a factor that makes our business a key link for the transition towards the CIRCULAR ECONOMY and pursuing the goal of “zero waste”.

Environmental sustainability

The chance of achieving the most challenging goals of the ecological transition passes through the availability of foundry products.

Social sustainability

The foundry has a lot to offer in terms of job opportunities through innovations in machinery and processes.

Economic sustainability

Thanks to low staff turnover, we contribute to creating well-being in our region.

Guiding principles

Code of Ethics

Valfond adopts a Code of Ethics to clearly define the ethical principles that inspire the Company itself and the standards of behavior required in the conduct of business.
The Company bases its activities on respect for the law and ethical principles in the conviction that compliance with the law and ethics in the conduct of business are also a condition for the success of the company.